A team of passionate designers, engineers, and developers, all deeply in love with electronics, software, and building great products.


We provide services for clients interested in developing modern and carefully crafted electronic products. Enabling digital transformation for businesses keen to add cutting edge smarts, IoT, and software integration to their physical concepts.

From the upfront core research and development (R&D), to extra activities such as manufacturing support, we bring leverage and value throughout the entire product lifecycle.

As a research service provider, our goal is creating net positive product development outcomes for clients.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between great technology ideas, and commercial reality.

Our Projects


PPB Technology

We partnered with PPB and Tricycle Developments to develop a first-of-its-kind piece of scientific instrumentation to cause disruption in the dairy diagnostics industry. Designing and developing a custom, tightly integrated electronic hardware and software package unlike any other.



SiteHive is one of Australia greatest hardware startup successes. Bringing scalable IoT into the built environment, the technology we helped develop simplifies workflow, improves on-site compliance, and adds value across the chain.

Auto Bag Drop

ICM Airport Technics

For years, we’ve partnered with ICM to continually develop, improve, and maintain their suite of products and systems used in airports around the world.

Plant Light N°1


A unique solution to bring sunlight indoors, Ample’s PL1 was a Kickstarter campaign success. We developed a variety of boutique solutions inside the product in an aim to keep the design innovative, but low-cost.


Force Hooks

A new standard in sports science and strength testing equipment. We worked closely with the team at Force Hooks to create a compact, high-precision, and battery powered product that scientists and athletes could get excited about.


We are proud to say we work alongside these clients

Scott and the Xentronics team have been great for us. They understood our requirements, collaborated with us to come with a design that met our needs, and then delivered on time and on budget.


Co-Founder, SiteHive

The team at Xentronics brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to my project. Their guidance through the development and manufacturing stages was invaluable. A great fit for anyone looking to develop a new product that needs electronics assistance.


Founder, Ample

Over the last year, Xentronics has helped develop our new Time Lapse System from the ground-up. They are an extremely knowledgable consultancy, hardware design, and software development company. I look forward to evolving future generations of our product with their support.


Director, CTLS

I cannot speak more highly of the Xentronics team. We came to them with a specification and design for a project and they produced an incredible end product which surpassed our expectations. They worked with us from the initial design all the way to mass production and compliance. I will be approaching them on every project going forward.


Director, OneWash

Xentronics has been essential for the electronics in our products for a number of years. Not just on the hardware, but also the firmware and software, development, too.


CTO, Pro-Shooter


Great electronics and software begins with a great, user-centered product concept.

Before starting any detailed engineering, we collaborate with you to refine your vision. We give our expert input on your specification, help craft the system architecture, and build a Proof-Of-Concept to de-risk the technology.

Hardware is the heart of any electronic product – and is the heart of all our other services.

From the PCB designs at the core of the product, to the cables and wiring that interconnect the internals of systems, to the external modules such as batteries and displays. We have the tools, templates, and know-how to design and verify to your product’s needs.

Every product is an embedded system, and requires embedded engineering expertise.

Our team have the skills and expertise to integrate sensors, develop drivers for modules, and create robust application code running on the hardware processor. This allows reliable and consistent product performance – whether it is a simple horticulture light, or a complex cloud-connected control system device.

Most products we develop require mobile app, cloud, or PC software integration.

Our team of software developers will work with our hardware team, and you as the product owner, to build the software product. Creating UI/UX mockups, building cloud and backend infrastructure, and developing out the core application, dashboards, interfaces, and data management systems.

Inhouse prototyping is an asset that brings more value than at first glance.

By building and managing prototyping ourselves, this reduces overhead and time delays with external manufacturers. It gives us insight into the build process, allowing us to improve the design for better manufacturability through being hands-on.

Any electronic products sold on any market need to comply with dozens of standards.

A tricky system to navigate, filled with risk and industry terminology. Labels, directives, tests, standards, emissions, immunity, and more. We can provide support with our network of compliance experts, test facilities, and our own base knowledge to help discover, specify, understand, and pass all required testing and certification for your product.

After completing the design, manufacturing isn’t as simple as it seems.

Even with a manufacturable product, significant effort is required to source and compare quotes, conduct all new product introduction (NPI) activities, develop test fixtures/QA process, and resolve any issues that may arise. We are here to support your product, as if it was our own, during these initial and ongoing production runs.

Most clients aren’t experts at product management.

At the end of core research and development, product management – from lifecycle, to marketing, to supply chain – becomes critical. The systems and effort put into managing a product longterm will determine its success. We have various levels of experience and tools to maintain, support, and continue to develop your initial product.


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